Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Jarrylo IPA - 29 Apr (JM Hall Pale Ale)

Brew day: 29 Apr
60 min boil, 5 qt water in brew pot

Steep 0.5 lb crystal rye, 15 min

1.25 lb SuperStructure Syrup (@ 60 min)
3 oz corn sugar (@ 60 min)
0.6 lb SuperStructure syrup (@ 15 min)

3.5 g Centennial (@ 60 min, bittering)
7 g Jarrylo (@ 15 min)
7 g Jarrylo (@ 5 min)

At the end of the boil, moved wort to ice bath to cool to ~80 deg F.  Transferred to fermenter, aerated, pitched ~ 1/2 packet of Safale US-05 yeast.

9 May - racked to secondary, dry hopped with 11g Medusa hops

19 May - dry hopping in secondary

Jarrylo IPA

Addendum, 21 May - bottled; wasn't a full  2 wks because of my schedule, but should work out just fine.  I ended up with 2 flip-top bottles and 6 regular 11 oz bottles.

For my undergraduate degree, I attended the Virginia Military Institute, and on a whim, my wife suggested that I name the beers I brew based on my experiences at VMI.  For example, one idea of a name for the grapefruit IPA was "Room 157 grapefruit IPA", and another was "Get Your Chin In Grapefruit IPA".  For the Jarrylo IPA, I use Jarrylo hops for aroma, and dry hopped with Medusa hops, which gives me the initials "JM".  The cadet chapel at VMI is named "JM Hall", so it's only right that I call this brew "JM Hall IPA".

Addendum, 11 June - Tasting Notes
Put one bottle in the fridge on 9 June, tried it tonight. Golden amber color in the glass, light, non-persistent head.  Full nose of tropical fruits.  Malt forward, good body (maybe a tiny bit heavy), spice in the mouth.  A keeper, but won't be able to fully replicate until Medusa becomes available...this brew was to use up the Medusa that I had left.  What I may end up doing is just keeping the name and use just Jarrylo hops, or use Mosaic for bittering, and then again for aroma.  My wife really liked this one.  It's definitely a pale ale, not an IPA.

Addendum, 3 Aug - Chilled and tried another bottle, to refresh my memory from the last time.   The beer pours with a beige head that thins out a bit, but hangs around.  Lots of lacing.  Kind of a reddish-amber color.  Still malt forward just a bit, and didn't get that rush of tropical fruits in the nose with this one. Good flavor, I still like this one (Terri's very happy with the rye ale!)...I'm definitely looking forward to sharing this one during the tasting at the end of the month.

Addendum, 8 Sept: The last bottle of my JM Hall pale ale.

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