Saturday, July 18, 2015

Azacca IPA

When I joined the AHA, the enticement to join was that new (or renewed) memberships would receive 4 oz of Azacca hops, and 4 oz of Jarrylo hops.  I really like how the Jarrylo hops turned out in the JM Hall Pale Ale, so getting some more hops just for joining was a good deal.  Also, there are a number of other benefits, like getting discounts, etc.

I had a bit of time today, so I looked around at what I had available and did a brew using the Azacca hops.  I had some of the Northern Brewer Super Structure LME still available, so I added a partial mash, and used only the Azacca hops.

Brew Day: 18 July

Partial Mash
½ lb Belgian Munich malt
½ lb German Pale malt

Start with 2 ½ qt water at 156 deg F.  Mash for 1 hr, then cycle wort through the cooler manually.  Bring 3 qt water in brew kettle to 170 deg F, steep malt bag for ~ 10 min.  Remove grains, add wort (~ 2 qt; total volume 5 qt).  Add malt syrup, and then bring to gentle boil for 60 min.

Boil: 60 min
1.2 lb Northern Brewer Super Structure malt syrup (@ 60 min)

9 g Azacca (@ 60 min) (AA: 10.3%)
7 g Azacca (@ 30 min)
9 g Azacca (@ 15 min)
12 g Azacca (@ flameout)

Yeast: Safale US-50

At this point, my plan is to leave it in primary fermentation for approx. 10 days, and then do a dry hop in secondary, for at least a week.

Addendum, 20 July: I checked in on the fermenter this morning and there is a steady stream of bubbles flowing through the blowoff tube into the jar (Gatorade bottle).  Things seem to be progressing nicely at this point.

Addendum, 29 July: Racked the beer to secondary, dry hopped with 13 g of Azacca.  When I put the cap on the fermenter and inserted the air lock, it only took a few seconds before I could see that the air lock cap was being elevated by the production of gases from the beer.

Addendum, 11 Aug: Bottled today (2 wks dry hop).  Dissolved 1 oz of table sugar in 1/2 cup of boiling water, put that in a fermenter.  After giving it time to cool down, I racked the IPA into the fermenter, and then let it set for about 15 min.  I then bottled normally.  Ended up with 9 bottles.

Taste Test, 25 Aug: Starts with a big, pillowy head, which persists.  Nice lacing.  Definite flavors of grapefruit and pine.  Very, very good flavor, and definitely an aggressive hop schedule (i.e., equal to about 6 oz for a 5 gal batch).  Definitely a keeper.

Addendum, 2 Sept: Had a tasting with some friends at the end of last week, but didn't have time to add wife came up with the name "So Fly IPA", because this one is just  ;-)

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