Saturday, January 30, 2016

Belgian Golden Ale #2

My first Belgian Golden Ale turned out REALLY well...I opened one recently for my wife and almost didn't give it to her, I wanted to just keep smelling the aroma coming off of the head of that glass!  Once she had it, she wasn't about to let me have another one!

This time around I wanted to try something a bit different, by doing a first wort hop of LemonDrop (AA: 4.4%) hops.  I also wanted to use up the rest of the Clarity Firm I had available.

Brew Day: 30 Jan 2016
~ 15 hrs after pitching yeast

Partial Mash:
9 oz Belgian Munich Malt
3 oz GoldPils
1.5 oz flaked wheat

I followed my usual partial mash procedure.

Boil (60 min):
1 lb Munton's Extra Light DME
4 oz corn sugar
7 g LemonDrop hops (FWH)
Clarity Firm

Yeast: T-58

I followed my usual process for pitching the yeast (and Clarity Firm).

Addendum, 31 Jan: I added the picture (above) of the fermenter about 15 hrs after pitching the yeast.  Lots of activity, and a rhythmic "thumping" of the bubbles in the blow-off bottle.  The yeast has plenty to eat and keep it happy with this one.

Addendum, 2 Feb: Things are moving along nicely, replaced the blow-off tube with an airlock today.

Addendum, 13 Feb: Bottled with 1 oz of table sugar dissolved into 1/2 cup of boiling water.  Got nine good bottles out of it.  Really looking forward to trying this one in a couple of weeks.  I'll need to remember to hold on to one of the first Belgian Golden Ales to do a side-by-side comparison, and see the difference between the hops, and the hopping method.

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