Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Name Change

Today I changed the name of this blog to "Mad Dawg Brewing"...the URL remains the same for the time being...all I changed was the title.

Part of the reason for the name change was that I've been engaging with other home brewers, and recently decided to do a collaboration brew with Mr Rufus Brewing Co, and saying it was a collaboration between "Mr Rufus and some guy in his kitchen" is just weird and unwieldy.  No, I'm not a big commercial brewing company, nor am I a commercial entity of any kind.

The name "Mad Dawg" is a nod to my experience in college...at VMI, I was in "Mad Dawg Delta Co." throughout my cadetship...as well as to my time on active duty in the Marine Corps.  This will also allow me to showcase some of my brews on Untappd.

For the time being, I'm going to stick to small batches.  That may change one day, but for now, it's good.

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