Thursday, January 7, 2016

Current Brews

As of 7 Jan 2016:

Keep in mind that for small batches, I generally get 9 - 10 bottles out of a batch, so when I say that I have something "available" below, all it means is that there's at least one 11 oz bottle of it sitting in my fridge.

Azacca IPA (original, and gluten reduced)
Melon (Galaxy + Melon IPA, based on a recipe shared by Mr Rufus Brewing)
HBC-438 ('38 Special)
Mandarina IPA
22 oz bottle of Tripel

LCpl's Tears - still have the 32 oz grumbler of this one; get a chuckle out of Max's cartoon while you're wondering about the name of the beer

Rye Saison - first taste test, 14 Jan
Belgian Golden Ale - don't touch until at least 18 Jan

Dry hopping
Calypso IPA - dry hop #2 on 8 Jan, bottle 11 Jan; first taste on 25 Jan

Abbaye - plan to bottle on or about 14 Jan

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